Tuesday, July 28, 2009

dah lama tak update blog aku nie..
bz sesangat...

hari nie rabu..29 julai 2009..
lagi sebulan dah nak puasa...
tak sabar plak rasa nak lik kampung...
dapat bukak puasa ngan family tersayang..

first time lik drive..huhu..
hopw kete cumil aku selamat pergi dan balik..
cuti aku dah apply..
hehe...awal bebeno aku amik cuti...
mayb stay 2 hari kat kg..

dah kul 1...jap lagi nak turun makan..huhu..
lapar la plak...
tp tak tau nak makan aper?

mlm nie ingat nak masak spageti kat my lovely wife...
dah lama tak masak kat dia..
sure dia suka...
hehe :">

ok la takat nie ..nanti update lagi...

Man Utd vs Barcelona

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sape2 yang nak join tgk bola kat hartamas???hahaha

The Macnificent Ronaldo

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ronaldo leads ruthless United to Rome

Tuesday 5 May 2009
Match report by Simon Hart from Arsenal Stadium
Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after making it 2-0 on the night and 3-0 overallCristiano Ronaldo celebrates after making it 2-0 on the night and 3-0 overall (©Getty Images)Photos/WallpapersPhotos/Wallpapers »

Manchester United FC are just one step away from becoming the first club to retain the UEFA Champions League trophy after inflicting a crushing 3-1 defeat on Arsenal FC to book their passage to the final.

No way back

Arsenal's hopes effectively vanished inside the opening eleven minutes after first Ji-Sung Park, capitalising on a slip by Kieran Gibbs, and then Cristiano Ronaldo, catching Manuel Almunia out with a free-kick, struck for United. Trailing 3-0 on aggregate there was no way back for the demoralised home side and Ronaldo salted their wounds with the evening's third goal just after the hour. The only downside for Sir Alex Ferguson's team was the dismissal of Darren Fletcher, who will now miss the final, for fouling Cesc Fàbregas to concede the penalty from which Robin van Persie struck Arsenal's futile late reply.

Blue the colour

The Arsenal Stadium was awash with swirling red and white flags before kick-off but blue proved the colour here, United winning in the same all-blue they wore when lifting the European crown for the first time at Wembley in 1968. A short distance across north London they left their fans dreaming of a fourth triumph on 27 May after shattering Arsenal's five-year unbeaten home record in Europe. They did so in style although there is no doubt Arsenal lent a helping hand, pressing the self-destruct button by presenting United with the all-important first goal here. There seemed no danger as Ronaldo's low ball headed towards Gibbs but the teenager slipped and allowed the ball to run on to Park who, though off balance, lifted it over Almunia. 


If it felt in that moment that all the noise and energy and optimism had drained out of the stadium, things rapidly got worse. Arsenal had not conceded a home goal in the competition for 514 minutes but shipped a second just three minutes later as Ronaldo did what he had done in Porto in the previous round – scoring from a position where few players would even contemplate shooting, beating Almunia with an audacious free-kick from 40 metres out and to the right of goal. Almunia, who had done so much to keep Arsenal in the tie at Old Trafford, seemed caught by surprise, diving in vain across his goal as Ronaldo flashed the ball over the two-man defensive wall and inside the near post.

Clinical counterattacking
Arsenal now needed four goals but there seemed little chance of that against a United side opening up their shell-shocked opponents with ease. Arsène Wenger's men could have conceded again as Rooney's curling strike drew a fingertip save from Almunia. Emmanuel Eboué replaced the unfortunate Gibbs at the interval but United were soon threatening again as Ronaldo drew a fine near-post stop from Almunia. Such is the quality of United's counterattacking that it was little surprise when the champions struck an exquisitely worked third after 61 minutes. 

Exquisite third
Ronaldo's backheel to Park was the spark for a lightning counter: the Korean sped forward, supplied Rooney down the left and the England forward returned the ball crossfield to meet Ronaldo's run into the box where the Portuguese swept home. "We're going to Italy" sang the happy United fans but unfortunately for Fletcher, he will not be after he was adjudged to have tripped Fàbregas prior to Van Persie's 76th-minute penalty. Still there is no question that United, unbeaten in the competition for 24 months, will be travelling to Rome in expectation rather than hope.

In Arsene We Loose...Arsenal 1 - 3 Man Utd..

what a game last nite...
aku betul2 gumbira..tak sia2 aku bangun tgk pagi tadi
manchester united meruntuhkan kubu di emirates.. dengan 3 gol oleh park ji sung ngan cristiano ronaldo, aku yakin manchester dapat mempertahankan kejuaraan untuk 2 tahun berturut2

pada permulaan game aku cuak jugak dimana arsenal mula membuat benteng united mmg best..pada minit ke 8 bermula kejatuhan arsengal..hahah...kesilapan oleh gibbs membuat park dapat menjaringkan gol pertama...

kemudia cristiano ronaldo membuat sepakan ajaibnya..yang terus menerjah jaring..
gol itu menyentap semangat penyokong2 arsengal yang sengal tu..

anyway..aku mmg berpuas hati dengan persembahan united...keep it up...

Nora Zain - Komplot

Monday, May 4, 2009

di dadamu punya cahaya yang tenang
menepati citarasa hamba…

kau sungguh mempersona
ku takkan tunggu semalaman..

kau bagiku adalah cahaya
menepati citarasa ke ego an ku…

kau sungguh mempersona
ku takkan tunggu semalaman…

aku akan pergi pada sisimu pada sisimu
engkau jangan lari jauh
datang mari datang pada sisiku pada sisiku..

kau bagi ku adalah cahaya
menepati ruang rasa keadaan ku…

kau sungguh mempersona
ku takkan tunggu semalaman..

aku akan pergi pada sisimu pada sisimu
engkau jangan lari jauh
datang mari datang pada sisiku pada sisiku..

kau sungguh mempersona
ku takkan tunggu semalaman..



good morning..berjumpa lagi di hari selasa yang sejuk..hehe
hari nie takde ape yang menarik lagi...
sb paper pun tak sempat nak baca lagi..
so..tunggu la..hehe


jam dah kul 5...jadi dengan tidak membuang masak aku pun nak bergerak pulang ke rumah..heheh